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15 Months to 2.9 Years

$340 per Week
(As of 3/1/2023)

Kids Playing with Lego
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Outstanding Owls


Once your child hits 15 months old, their minds crave new environments and excitement! This room invites advanced infants and our youngest toddlers to explore in safe and educational ways while they get used to following a more age appropriate daily routine!

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Darling Ducks


Once your child has acclimated to the routine and has become more independent, your child will transition into Darling Ducks. This room will allow children to participate in classroom activities that are more geared to group settings and direction, while still reinforcing the skills presented in Outstanding Owls.

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Terrific Tigers

Oldest Toddlers

This classroom presents children with opportunities to practice the structure provided in Preschool. Children can enjoy putting the skills they've learned in the previous rooms to the test, making sure they're ready for the next step!

Toddlers: Feature
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